Friday, January 23, 2009


Using this MYP technology design Cycle, i decieded to do it about the Hajj Documentary Video for technology class.
INVESTIGATE: First step would be to investigate the idea. Ask myself what should I do to accomplsh my goal. And think of how i would relay the Hajj Carnival to the public audience.
I decieded to make a video.
How ill my video be created? What will I include in my Video? Research about what took place, gain footage to put in the video. design how my video will look like.
Put the pen to paper and create the video on the computer. Cut and edit footage and follow the plan. Include narraration and use proper programs.
Make sure there is nothing left to be fixed.
HOw did I do? I should show my video to peers and audience. Have them evaluate me nd figure out what can I do better next time. did they enjoy the video or was there problems?
Should I have publicized it with flyers or just by words?
Did I follow through with the design cycle?
These uestion need to be asked to evaluate you cretion and improve your work.

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