Friday, February 27, 2009

T A S K2

1. .gif stands for graphics Interchange Format

2. Animated gif. is s files that compress a number of frames for it to be displayed successfully.

3. coffeecup animator allows for animated .gif images to be created in a few easy steps.

Easy GIF Animator - Create animated GIF images fast for buttons banners, and animated cartoons.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

myp technology cycle

1.  www.
flipbook  6
 the only 2d animation software designed to do 2d animaation professionally. All animation school demand flipbook. Works in 3d too.
2. Flip Capsule produces commercial flipbooks. Images are captures and turned in to video for advertising, sporting events, and other events flipcapsule. com
3.Alias Sketchbook Pro $179. 00 A n  application used for tablet pc's and digitalized tablets.
4. Synfig
produces film quality animation in 2d.
traditional 2d animation software
lets you create handrawn using bitmap and vectors.
Pencil is free